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Published: December 28, 2022

The Relationship between Lactate level and Exercise Intensity

What we know about lactate now is that lactate production is the result of glucose utilization by muscle cells under aerobic conditions. Lactate is continuously produced, even at rest and during low-intensity exercise. What’s the big deal if using lactate level to prescribe exercise Intensity? In the status of exercise, blood lactate level do rise above normal resting level, which are about ~1-2 mmol/L, at higher exercise intensities, and can reach level >10 mmol/L. (2)

In opinion of one article, mentioned that low-intensity training is set at ~0.3-0.8 mmol/L, tempo ~2-3 mmol/L, Threshold ~3-3.5 mmol/L. But the exact number varies depending on the individual athlete (1). Therefore, Blood lactate level a useful indicator of relative exercise intensity from a physiological intensity as well as an indicator of metabolism. (1)

Another research discussed about the blood lactate accumulation based on fitness level and showed an interesting data. They have collected over the years during physiological tests, blood lactate level of different cycling categories at different exercise intensities. And the result presented the better the competitive and training level of an athlete is, the less blood lactate accumulation that is observed. We can know well trained athletes is due to an enhanced lactate clearance capacity, so they are very efficient and export less lactate to the blood as they clear it in higher amounts in the lactate producing muscle. (3)

The fact is that lactate analysis can give us a lot of information on muscle metabolism during exercise, but there is still plenty of confusion regarding lactate, and there is no consensus of what lactate threshold exactly it represents.

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